About SFI, Inc.

SFI, Inc. started as The Sink Factory in the fall of 1999 with
approximately 12 employees. Today, 23 employees do everything
from process the orders, to pour, finish, and ship vanity tops. SFI,
Inc. is located 25 miles east of La Crosse, in the heart of the
Midwest along I-90 in beautiful Sparta, Wisconsin.

We realized in 2004 that we were quickly out growing the capacity of
the 100-year-old building we were, at that time, calling home. SFI,
Inc. went through its biggest transition in the fall of 2005. Over a
long 4-day weekend in September 2005, the manpower of our
dedicated employees moved our operation to our current and brand
new 25,000 square foot building.

Due to careful planning and anticipating continued growth, we
designed our new plant to more efficiently accommodate the
process flow of our products. We are using state-of-the-art
equipment. Both factors not only help to insure a quality product, but
provide a safe and pleasant work environment for our employees.

We are excited to be in our new building, and we are proud to offer
tours to our customers upon request. We hope that you will take the
opportunity to view our facility and see the process as we produce
vanity tops that we are proud to say are made by SFI, Inc.

Although the name of the company has changed over the years, the
integrity of the process and the quality of our products have
remained at their highest level.